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Sep 16, 2019 / Staff reporter

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Silver Mining Companies Listed in All Countries

2019-09-16 / Staff reporter

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Physical Silver & Retail Coin Shortages Imminent? RCM To Begin Rationing Silver Maple Leafs

September 15, 2019 / Tyler Wall

Authorized purchasers haven't been able to purchase 10 ounce bars in months, but now we're talking about the Royal Canadian Mint's bread-n-butter...Tyler Wall of SD Bullion and Half Dollar of Silver Doctors interviewed by Sean on SGTreportSean from SGTreport caught up with Tyler and Half Dollar to discuss gold, silver, inflation, negative interest rates, and a whole lot more.Some of the topics in...Read More

Ted Butler: The Case For A Silver Price Explosion Has Never Been Stronger

September 15, 2019 / Ted Butler

There is now more buying power in the world and less silver than ever, and that's just the first thing to Ted Butler of Butler Research via Silver SeekTed Butler interviewed by Jim CookQ: For a number of years, you have been insisting that silver would experience dramatic price gains. Any change in your thinking these days?A: Not only has there been no change in my thinking, the case...Read More

How Big (Or Small) Is The Silver Market?

September 11, 2019 / Louis Cammarosano

What is the overall amount of physical silver available?by Louis Cammarosano from SmaulgldHow Big (Or Small) Is The Silver Market?Read More

SRSrocco: Setting The Record Straight On Silver Manipulation, Stop Focusing On Paper Trading Volume!

September 10, 2019 / Steve St. Angelo

Gold & silver investors need to become a bit more sophisticated in understanding the dynamics of the overall Steve St. Angelo of SRSrocco ReportWith the silver price now experiencing a correction after running up more than $5 in the past three months, we now see more articles suggesting price manipulation as the bullion banks hammer the metals. There continues to be this notion put fo...Read More

Michael Ballanger: The Gold & Silver Cartel Cretins Are Wounded, Angry & Desperate Animals

September 10, 2019 / Michael Ballanger

Wounded animals are the most dangerous of all creatures on this debt-ravaged Michael Ballanger via Streetwise Reports"The permabulls will tell you that the bullion banks and their treasury department conspirators have lost all power in this 'new paradigm' and we should relax and refrain from worry. I tend to disagree because wounded animals are the singular most dangerous of all creatu...Read More

Clive Maund: Silver's Sharp Reaction Back

September 10, 2019 / Clive Maund

Clive says silver has reacted sharply after its PARABOLIC BLOW-OFF Clive Maund via Streetwise ReportsSilver reacted back sharply on Thursday and Friday after a parabolic blowoff top. This was not a final top, but it does indicate that silver needs to take a rest and consolidate/react back, probably for at least several weeks.The latest silver COT is also showing a 1-year record extreme fo...Read More

History Shows Us That Silver 'Should Be At $26'

September 10, 2019 / Simon Popple

Silver has been closing the gap on gold, but there is still much more work to be done. Here's why...Simon Popple of Brookville Captial on IG UKWith silver having risen at a faster pace recently than gold, the gap, or ratio, between the two has closed. However, it is still a long way from its average. Simon Popple, from Brookville Capital, says the long-term average is 58 and for that to be achieve...Read More

TraderStef w/Dr. Janda on Sep. 8, 2019: Gold & Silver, POTUS vs Fed, Wizard of Oz & More

September 9, 2019 / TraderStef

Start your week off well-informed by listening to Dr. Dave Janda & TraderStef's robust discussion on Operation TraderStef via TraderStef.wordpress.comYesterday, I had the pleasure of being a return guest on live radio at Dr. Dave Janda's Operation Freedom. Here is the interview on YouTube with a few notes, links, and charts to follow along the way.Operation Freedom w/Dr. Dave Janda -...Read More

Craig Hemke: Silver Price Rises On Strong ETF Demand...What Happens Next?

September 9, 2019 / Chris Marcus

Silver has been rallying and passed $19 until a big spike down on Thursday, but where do things really stand?by Chris Marcus with Craig Hemke via Arcadia EconomicsSilver has been rallying, recently reaching past $19 per ounce until a big spike down on Thursday. Although fortunately Craig Hemke of TF Metals joined me on the show to give an update on the move, and where things stand in the bigger pi...Read More


September 8, 2019 / Ted Butler

The silver shorts will get burnt to a crisp!Ted Butler interviewed by Lior Gantz on Wealth Research GroupSome of the topics in today's interview include:How deep does the manipulation go, and will it ever stop?JP Morgan's silent accumulation of gold & silver.OPPORTUNITY: Silver is severely undervalued against gold.Gold & silver are unnoticed and disrespected by the average person.For discussion on...Read More

China Accelerating Its Cornering Of The Silver Market By Way Of Silver Imports In India?

September 8, 2019 / Cyrille Jubert

Global monetary reform and the reset have already begun, without the masses even noticing Cyrille Jubert of CyrilleJubert.comPrecious metals consolidationSince the dawn of time, commodity prices have been rising and falling in turn, as demonstrated by Leonardo Fibonacci (1175-1250). Any strong upward push of the price of a raw material will bring a period of consolidation more or less deep...Read More

We Reached Ground Floor? Silver Takes Express Elevator Up (And Right Back Down) This Week

September 6, 2019 / I was looking to overshoot $18.50 to the upside

SD Friday Wrap: The fundamentals say silver is going up, and the technicals are quickly reaching the ground floor...What a price swing!Let's see here: From the low on Tuesday ($18.36) to the high on Wednesday ($19.75) we saw a 7.57% move up in price.Wow!Was the cartel really just gonna let that fly?Nope!So from the high on Wednesday ($19.75) to the low on Friday ($18.04) we saw an 8.65% move down...Read More

What's Up With Silver's RollerCoaster Ride And Gold's Price Stability?

September 6, 2019 / Mike 

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Stitcher | RSSWhy has silver plunged, is silver going to plunge even more, or will price move higher once again? Here are those answers and more...Mike & Half Dollar hold Silver Doctors Live on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. EST, but there is just so much going on right now that we want to start bringing viewers more of...Read More

Is There A Price That's Too Expensive To Buy Silver?

September 6, 2019 / Matt From Silver Fortune

Is there a price that's too much to pay for silver? Matt from Silver Fortune ponders exactly Matt From Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneWith silver approaching $20, at what point do you stop buying?Any content within this video or any other video by the Silver Fortune channel is merely one man's opinion, commentary, and analysis, or actual information obtained from elsewhere, and should...Read More

September Silver Outlook: Rising Prices In The Face Of The Large Bank Short Position?

September 5, 2019 / Chris Marcus

The incentives for the shorts to drive the price lower is greater than Chris Marcus via Arcadia EconomicsDisclaimer: This report contains strategies that could be risky for certain investors and is presented as research for further investigation. As always you are trading and committing capital at your own risk Current Silver Market Outlook:Price continues to rise in face of large COT ba...Read More

SRSrocco: Indians Switch To Silver, India Imports Triple As Price Rises

September 5, 2019 / Steve St Angelo

The situation in the silver market could become quite interesting, especially as investors learn there isn't that much silver to go Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco ReportAs the silver price began to take off in July, Indian silver imports surged three-fold versus the same period last year. Something must have motivated the Indians to import more silver because the summer months haven't ty...Read More

Hammer Time: SILVER PRICE PLUNGES OVER $1.00 As "Investors" Just Can't Sell Fast Enough!

September 5, 2019 / things are just going so darn well in the trade war

Stackers know what this means. Here are the details...Flash sale on silver.Yippie!We've plunged over $1.00 in price in just a few hours:Which is another way of saying an over 5% discount on the white metal right now!Some pretty impressive volume there too.I really don't think this smash lasts very long.The fundamentals are just too strong right now.That said, what is the trigger for the "selling"?...Read More

Gold's Rally And Silver's Potential: Are Investors Finally Waking Up To Include Silver In The Portfolio?

September 5, 2019 / Simon Popple

With silver so curiously priced right now, silver could be due for a bull run of its own. Here's Simon Popple of Brookville Capital via Daily FXTHE GOLD RALLY & SILVER'S POTENTIAL:Gold's remarkable rally: When will it end?Why silver may be due for a bull run of its ownHow to pick the right mining stocksIn this edition of our podcast Trading Global Markets Decoded, our host Martin Essex is...Read More