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Bob Moriarty Talks Gold, Irving, Novo, Maple Gold and More

October 08, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Bob Moriarty of 321Gold discusses the impact of a more dominant China on the energy markets, the dollar and gold and discusses several of his favorite gold stocks.Read More

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold fighting the 18-dma

October 08, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: Ira EpsteinGold is caught whipping back and forth. Pattern is lower-highs and lower-lows, which is bearish unless gold (dec) gets back above $1,525:Read More

Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 10.4.19

October 04, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Eric Sprott discusses the recent economic news and the impact on gold and silver prices as Q4 begins.Read More

Craig Hemke: Ignore the Elliott Wave "Buffoons" Calling for a Gold Crash / Commodities / Gold & Silver 2019

October 06, 2019 / www.marketoracle.co.uk

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcomeback Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report. Craig is a well-knownname in the metals industry and runs one of the most highly respected websitesin our space and provides some of the very best analysis on banking schemes,the flaws of Keynesian economics, and evidence of manipulation in the gold and silver marketsthat you will find anywhere. Crai...Read More

Q4 2019: Last Train Out for Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bulls?

October 02, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

David H. Smith The people who are prepared are going to reap rewards such as they have never dreamed. We're going to have the biggest transfer of wealth in history from the fools to those who are prepared. Bob MoriartyThe run up of the last few months to $1,565 gold and $19 silver has stalled out into a relatively high-level correction, giving back less than might be expected after such a spir...Read More

China's Golden Week Weighs On Gold

October 02, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

Stewart Thomson 1. China's Golden Week holiday is underway and gold markets there are closed for the week.2. The demand vacuum created by this holiday often contributes to a gold price swoon, and that's happening now.3. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this GDX swing trade chart.4. My www.guswinger.com subscribers are enjoying the price swoon because they took my key...Read More

Precious Metals Update Video: Long-term gold chart remains bullish

October 02, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: Ira EpsteinGold remains over the 18-week moving average. Market holds an upside bias long-term. Daily chart shows head-shoulder TA formation..Read More

SWOT Analysis: Sibanye Gold Announced Plans to Cut 5,270 Jobs

September 30, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

StrengthsThe best performing metal this week was palladium, up 2.57 percent as hedge funds increased their bullish positioning to an eight-week high. Gold traders and analysts were split between bullish and bearish on the yellow metal this week in the Bloomberg survey despite the metal's price swings. On Monday, ETFs added 498,162 troy ounces of gold to their holdings, the most in three months,...Read More

Rick Rule - best Gold, Silver, Lithium, Cobalt and Base Metals outlook you can get

September 26, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Get into my German newsletter by downloading the PDF freebie https://www.goldgeldwelt.de/goldaktien Books for Investment beginners' https://amzn.to/2nvZQpv Books for Investment professionals' https://amzn.to/2lmlSuaInterview with Rick Rule, Senior Managing Director, Sprott Inc.; President & CEO, Sprott U.S. Holdings at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver 2019 by Florian Munsch o...Read More

How Many Snake Eyes are Too Many? John Kaiser - Sept. 27, 2019

September 27, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Was the tip of the iceberg an exhaust pipe?Guest's website:https://secure.kaiserresearch.comProduced by https://www.HoweStreet.comDon't miss out - Stay Informed!Receive the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap with thought provoking podcasts, radio and articles delivered to your inbox.Sign up for the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap on the homepage at https://www.HoweStreet.com#DiscoveryWatch #Gold #GoldMinersRead More

The economics back up $10,000 gold and beyond - Frank Holmes

September 26, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Analysts and CEOs who have historically been conservative with their gold price calls are now forecasting levels above $10,000 in the long-run, and Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors, said that fundamentals back up these numbers."What' amazing about America, is that we have unprecedented deficits with no war and no recession. What happens when we get a recession or a war, we get this incre...Read More

Silver And Gold - More Downside To Come

September 30, 2019 / www.youtube.com

BRAND NEW TRADING COURSE FLASH SALE - ONLY $7 http://johnsflashsale.comMASTER TRADER LAB FREE TRIAL http://mastertraderlab.comMy BOOKS:The Flow of Success: Tap Into the Top 19 Powerful Universal Laws to Succeed in Every Area in Your Life...FASTER AND EASIER THAN EVER IMAGINEDhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NGZ3RQ7Secrets to Getting Lean Ripped and Healthy: My True Life Story and the Strategies that H...Read More

Gold: The Bull Is Alive

September 30, 2019 / seekingalpha.com

Pullback still holds above US$1,480.Gold running into a potential triangle on the daily chart.The Commitment of Traders Report is sending a dark red warning signal.Seasonality points to rising prices until January.Cup and Handle Formation could push gold towards US$1,800.Since 3rd of September, gold and the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSEARCA:GLD) are consolidating and correcting. But so far bulls can h...Read More

Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 9.20.19

September 20, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Eric Sprott discusses the price manipulation charges in precious metals and his personal method for trading the mining shares. He also answers listener questions regarding some specific mining companies.Read More

At the Bar with Brent Cook & Mickey Fulp at the Precious Metals Summit 2019

September 20, 2019 / www.youtube.com

This episode of "At the Bar with Brent Cook and Mickey Fulp" was filmed at the Chophouse in Beaver Creek, Colorado during the Precious Metals Summit 2019. Featuring: Mickey Fulp - The Mercenary GeologistBrent Cook - Exploration Insights and is hosted byKelly Earle - Skeena Resourcesand with special guestNicky Adshead-Bell, Cupel AdvisoryExploration Insightswww.explorationinsights.com Mercenary Geo...Read More

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold consolidating, watching recent lows

September 20, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: Ira EpsteinGold in a correction but on a weekly basis remains in an up-thrust, but I am concerned gold is challenging short-term lows..Read More

INTERVIEW - Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management: "There's a lot of opportunity in the intermediate and junior...

September 21, 2019 / twitter.com

"INTERVIEW - Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management: "There's a lot of opportunity in the intermediate and junior space for companies to merge." Listen to the interview below for more from Day on gold. https://t.co/BpMBoFp8ie #AdrianDay #preciousmetals #gold #merger"Read full newsRead More

VIDEO - Editors Pick September 16 to 20: Change Coming for Barrick and Newmont, Fed Cuts Rates. If you missed a sto...

September 21, 2019 / twitter.com

"VIDEO - Editors Pick September 16 to 20: Change Coming for Barrick and Newmont, Fed Cuts Rates.If you missed a story this week, now's the time to catch up and get informed. Watch the overview at https://t.co/jFYSKiJ9af #BarrickGold #NewmontGoldcorp #GoldPrice #gold"Read full newsRead More

Brian Leni: Gold Juniors Will Move, Stay Picky for Now

September 15, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Some gold stocks have moved higher along with the rising gold price, but juniors are one segment of the industry that hasn't seen much movement yet. #PreciousMetalsSummit #GoldStocksSpeaking at the Precious Metals Summit in Beaver Creek, Colorado, Brian Leni, founder of Junior Stock Review, said that it's only a matter of time before smaller gold companies start to trend upward.___________________...Read More

Tuesday on INK Ultra Money: Monetary policy hits the wall plus gearing up in the oil patch and an update on uranium

September 17, 2019 / www.canadianinsider.com

Here is what's new today on INK Ultra Money.1. When Monetary Policy Isn't Enough - Real VisionChange is coming. Christophe Ollari, founder of Ollari Consulting, predicts that we have seen the peak of monetary easing for this cycle. In its place, Ollari argues that policy will tilt toward a new sort of "Social QE" - involving central banks and governments in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. acting in c...Read More