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Why We Need Gold

May 20, 2019 / seekingalpha.com

Investors don't realize that gold is one of the world's most liquid currencies and assets, trading with volumes equivalent to those of the euro or U.S. Treasury bond benchmarks.Although similar in philosophy, gold blows Bitcoin away on any measure by which the two can be compared.Now is the time for investors to benefit from a "life preserver" while others enjoy the card game on the...Read More

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Gerald Celente & Louis Navellier

May 20, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

May 17th, 2019(S14-E696)Featured GuestsGerald Celente& Louis NavellierPlease Listen HereInterview RecapTrends Research Institute's Gerald Celente returns with a new daily video podcast Trends Vision 2020.US equities indexes recorded new records last month on the heels of fresh monetary stimulus.Policymakers will likely revamp US shares ahead of a forecasted market swoon sometime near the 2020 ele...Read More

Are You Being Tossed Around By The China News?

May 20, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: Avi GilburtAs I watched and traded the market action over the last several weeks, I witnessed something quite amazing. Yet, this was not the first time I have seen this.Each time the market was set up for a smaller change of directional move, a news event or a tweet seemed to have come out at almost the exact time we need to see the market change direction.While many saw the news as affecting...Read More

Gold Market Update - Precious Metals sector investors feeling despondent

May 20, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

Gold and silver dropping back again late last week had investors in the Precious Metals sector feeling despondent, especially as their fears were magnified by at least one analyst calling for gold to drop to the low $900's or even lower, which is normal when prices sink, but our charts are instead suggesting that gold and silver are close to completing giant bottoming patterns that started to for...Read More

Peter Grosskopf Gives Views on Gold and Shares Investment Vehicles

May 15, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott Inc. and Managing Director, Sprott Resource Lending, gives his views on gold and explores investment vehicles that the company offers.Read More

Is the trade war a catalyst for gold?

May 16, 2019 / www.mining.com

Although most of the precious metals sector has trended lower in recent months, gold has held up well. It and the other, weaker components of precious metals got a boost on Monday when China retaliated with tariffs of its own.There has been little follow through since.This begs the question, will a trade war lead to a new bull market in precious metals?The short answer is yes if it leads to a down...Read More

SWOT Analysis: China Bought Gold for Fifth Straight Month

May 13, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

StrengthsThe best performing metal this week was gold, up 0.54 percent. Gold traders ended the week neutral on the price of gold as many are awaiting more details on the trade talks between the U.S. and China, according to the weekly Bloomberg survey. The BullionVault gold index measuring the balance between buyers against sellers held steady in A...Read More

Gwen Preston Shares Picks for The Metals Investor Forum

May 15, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Gwen Preston, the Resource Maven with years as a mining journalist with The Northern Miner, talks about a few of her top picks for the upcoming Metals Investor Forum.Read More

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold at resistance around $1,300

May 15, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: Ira EpsteinGold trend in up-thrust and is staying bullish. Hits 100 day moving average, running out of steam. The stock market rally relieved some of the safe-haven buying:Read More

Radius drilling may need to go deeper for the stock to go higher

May 10, 2019 / www.canadianinsider.com

In the first segment of his May 8th Discovery Watch broadcast, John Kaiser takes a look at Simon Ridgway-headed Radius Gold (RDU) which we featured in our May 3rd Morning Report.The stock jumped May 1st as drill results came in from Radius' Amalia project in Mexico, but it has pulled back as results from additional holes have come out which have not intersected the same kind of mineralization as...Read More

GoldSeek Radio: David Morgan, Bill Murphy & Robert Ian

May 12, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

May 10th, 2019(S14-E695)Featured GuestsDavid Morgan & Bill MurphyPlease Listen HereInterview Recap05/08/2019 MAJOR FINDING - "Off-World Rosetta Stone" decoded in FRB 121102 reveals English to ancient off-world text deciphering via a proprietary method.(05/09/2019) 2nd US Patent - "Rosetta Stone Algorithm for Deciphering Interstellar Messages"Signalhunters.net notes the US Patent Office processed...Read More

Short Sellers Run Rampant in the Precious Metal Stocks

May 12, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: Ed SteerYESTERDAY in GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM and PALLADIUMThe gold price didn't do much of anything in Far East trading on their Friday -- and the low tick of the day, such as it was, came minutes after the London open. It chopped quietly and unevenly higher from there, with every tiny rally attempt turned back before it could get too far. The high tick, such as it was, came at noon in New Y...Read More

Precious Metals Update Video: Do we get a trade deal?

May 09, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: IRA EPSTEINI don't see them giving them more time - this is a big event..Gold is going so far nowhere. There is so much uncertainties in this market:Read More

Waiting for double bottom support in gold stocks

May 06, 2019 / www.mining.com

Several weeks ago we wrote about the downside risk in the gold stocks.After the various gold stock indices formed distribution-type tops, the subsequent selling has been swift. Miners have plunged through moving averages and short-term breadth indicators quickly reached oversold extremes.While the gold stocks are oversold, it could be a little while before we can expect a sustained rebound.We plot...Read More

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Dr. Seth Shostak Ph.D. & Bob Hoye

May 06, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

May 3rd, 2019(S14-E694)Featured GuestsDr. Seth Shostak Ph.D.& Bob HoyePlease Listen HereInterview RecapDr. Seth Shostak Ph.D, lead Astronomer and Astrophysicist at SETI, makes his Goldseek.com Radio debut. Dr. Shostak has a weekly broadcast where he discusses need to send NASA probes throughout the solar system for signs of life. The signalhunters team has rendered several thousand images of wha...Read More

Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 5.3.19

May 03, 2019 / www.youtube.com

Eric Sprott discusses the factors that drove precious metals prices over the past week.Read More

Precious Metals Update Video: Low $1,260's support on gold

May 03, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: Ira EpsteinLow $1,260's support on gold...Read More

Big Picture Gold Stocks

May 06, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By: RambusI was going through some old long term charts I haven't posted in many years to see if there was anything of interest to post tonight. With long term charts things don't change very fast and the big picture can stay viable for years. I have literally hundreds of charts for the different PM stock indexes that I've built through the years that are tucked away in different chart lists that...Read More

Will Platinum Be the Precious Metal Leader?

May 01, 2019 / www.marketslant.com

Source: John Newell for Streetwise Reports 04/29/2019Platinum, after making what appears to be a wash-out low in August 2018, now looks poised to be a precious metal leader, writes fund manager John Newell at Fieldhouse Capital Management.What is Platinum: Platinum is a precious transition metal that has the chemical symbol Pt and an atomic number of 78 on the periodic table. Platinum is grayish...Read More

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bob Hoye

May 01, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

Bob Hoye & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. - April 30th, 2019. * .Mp3HighlightsBob Hoye, Editor & Chief Investment Strategist of Charts and Markets.com rejoins the show with must-hear commentary. FOMC policymakers set the overnight lending rate this week. The current FFF at the CME which indicates the Fed could begin a new round of QE within a year. There are strong probabilities of a rate cut by Dec. / Jan...Read More