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Here's Where the Price of Silver Is Headed in November

October 30, 2018 / Peter Krauth

Peter KrauthThe price of silver had a strong start to last week just like its golden cousin.I was very impressed to see silver prices shoot all the way up to $14.80 on Tuesday, Oct. 23.That was a blistering gain of nearly 2% from the previous day's close, and a silver's highest level since late August.What triggered so much buying? In my view, it was heightened concerns about geopolitics and a we...Read More

SILVER: The Importance Of Keeping Your Eye On The BIG PICTURE!

October 27, 2018 / Matt of Silver Fortune

The fundamentals for silver remain very strong, and these low prices have made silver an excellent investment opportunity for years. Here's Matt of Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneAll things considered, the fundamentals for silver remain very strong, and these low prices have made for an excellent opportunity for years. Read More

TED BUTLER: Mysterious Metal Movement

October 25, 2018 / largest silver bullion hoard

Ted Butler is back, expounding on the rapid velocity and physical ounce turnover within the COMEX silver warehouse complex. Since the internet's early days, Ted has covered various answered and still unanswered mysteries surrounding silver. Why has JP Morgan amassed perhaps the largest silver bullion hoard since the Hunt Brothers and Warren Buffet?The hit movie from 1996, "A Time to Kill", based u...Read More

David Morgan: IT IS A GRAVE MISTAKE Not To Have Silver As Bear Market Is Finally At Its End

October 25, 2018 / David Morgan

David says there could be another $1 decline in the silver price from here, but silver is more likely to go to $140 than down a buck. Here's more...David Morgan interviewed on SBTVWe spoke with David Morgan of the Morgan Report( on SBTV to get his take on the silver market at this moment. Is the bear market already priced in the silver price? Being 'gut honest', Dav...Read More

Either Looking Back Thousands Of Years Or Looking Into The Future, Silver Is Here To Stay!

October 25, 2018 / Matt from Silver Fortune

Despite the increasing digitalization of our financial system, Matt from Silver Fortune says silver is here to stay. Here's Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneDespite the increasing digitalization of our economy and financial system, there is something to be said for holding a compact, valuable asset in your own hand. It helps if it has been used for money for thousands of years,...Read More

NO HOPE TO EXIT: Americans Spend $1 Trillion A Year On Paper Assets But Only $3 Billion On Silver

October 24, 2018 / Brother John F

Brother John F shares why the door won't be big enough to get out of paper assets and why the door will be too small to get into real assets...Brother John F interviewed on Reluctant PreppersPhysical silver coin and crypto enthusiast Brother John F returns to Reluctant Preppers to weigh in on the direction of the stock and bond markets, the coming recession, the outlook for silver (and what specif...Read More

Market Turmoil Is Setting Silver Prices Up for a Historic Rally

October 24, 2018 / Peter Krauth

Peter KrauthIt's been a lackluster few weeks for silver prices.Over the last month, the precious metal has traded between $14.20 and $14.80, with an average price of $14.65.However, it looks like there's a significant breakout on the way, which could mean tremendous profits for savvy silver investors.You see, market instability, rising bond yields, and a volatile dollar are putting pressure on the...Read More

Bix Weir: Silver To Move 50X As Crazy As Gold Until 1 Oz of Silver Equals 1 Oz Of Gold In Price!

October 23, 2018 / Bix Weir

Bix says if you believe in the monetary metals, there is no reason to hold gold as silver will give you 50 times the performance. Here's Bix Weir from Road to RootaThe long abused silver and gold bugs are hanging on for dear life due to the MASSIVE price manipulation from the Exchange Stabilization Fund manager Steve Mnuchin. Keep the Faith!Read More

Harvey Organ: Yesterday's Trading Volume In Silver Was Over 44% Of Annual Production

October 19, 2018 / Harvey Organ Blog

Harvey says we are saw a lot of demand for silver yesterday with just a $.04 drop in price. Here are the Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ BlogGOLD: $1227.20 UP $2.80 (COMEX TO COMEX CLOSINGS)Silver: $14.58 DOWN 6 CENTS (COMEX TO COMEX CLOSING)Closing access prices:Gold : 1226.00 silver: $14.57 I am doing the best i can to deliver you the essentials for today I could not provide mornin...Read More

Michael Ballanger: After Gold's Move Last Week I Expect To See Silver Surge Higher This Week

October 16, 2018 / Michael Ballanger

Michael says cross your fingers because now is the time we see if there is truly a paradigm shift in the precious metals. Here are the Michael Ballanger via Streetwise ReportsWhen asked about the dominant theme for the markets last January, I said that the one thing I looked forward to was a return of "VOLATILITY" as the Federal Reserve Board moved to "normalize" the interest rate str...Read More

Why Silver Prices Are Set for a Breakout as the Dollar Falls

October 16, 2018 / Peter Krauth

Peter KrauthOver the last month, gold prices have surged, tacking on over 3% in just the last two weeks.And it looks like silver prices are next.You see, I believe we're entering a sweet spot for the price of silver over the next few months.Market turmoil and a weaker U.S. dollar are setting the stage for a significant rally in the precious metal – one that will shrink the gold-to-silver rat...Read More

Clive Maund: NOW IS THE TIME To Take A Position Because SILVER'S TIME IS COMING!

October 15, 2018 / Clive Maund

Clive says don't worry that silver didn't have a big day like gold last Thursday. Clive also says we could see a BIG SPIKE in the silver price. Here's Clive Maund via Streetwise ReportsUnlike gold and precious metals stocks, silver did not break out strongly on Thursday - although it rose, it did not break out at all, nor was volume exceptional, as we can see on its latest 6-month chart b...Read More

Don't Get Fooled By The Number One Lie About Silver

October 15, 2018 / Matt from Silver Fortune

Don't get fooled into thinking the best days are behind us. That claim is likely a person telling the number one lie about silver. Here are the Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneDon't be fooled by those that claim the best days for silver are behind us, and that you should accept that it no longer has a role as financial asset, but only as a commodity. Read More

'A Just Man Disobeys Unjust Laws' - David Morgan On Gold & Silver Confiscation And Natural Law

October 12, 2018 / David Morgan

David dives deep into the topic where so few can. Concerned about a potential confiscation? You won't want to miss what David has to say about it...David Morgan interviewed on Reluctant PreppersRenowned silver guru David Morgan returns to Reluctant Preppers to answer YOUR viewer questions, starting with:"What was the David's 'Red Pill' moment?"David also weighs in on:- Direction of the markets,- H...Read More

The Banks Are NOT On You Side - Craig Hemke

October 10, 2018 / Craig Hemke

" one should be under any illusion that the Banks, which operate on the COMEX, will ever be on our side. Just as in 2009-2011, the next..."by Craig Hemke of Sprott Money NewsCertain precious metals analysts are once again claiming that, soon, the Banks will be "on your side". This isn't true, it hasn't been true and it won't ever be true so long as the fractional reserve and digital derivativ...Read More

Here's My Newest Target for the Price of Silver

October 9, 2018 / Peter Krauth

Peter KrauthWhile gold continues to struggle to find a catalyst, the price of silver made a notable move this week.Although it was admittedly short-lived intraday action, silver prices shot up from $14.50 to touch $14.90 last Tuesday, a four-week high and a huge safe-haven bid as concerns about the euro permeated trading.The move came as news emerged that Italy's anti-establishment government prop...Read More

Tom Cloud: Premiums Tell Us The Real Story About Silver

October 9, 2018 / Tom Cloud

Matt from Silver Fortune talks with Tom about how the recent downturn caused demand for silver to soar, as well as what is going on with premiums...Tom Cloud interviewed by Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneTom Cloud of Cloud Hard Assets joins me to discuss the recent downturn in the silver and gold markets, and how this has caused silver demand to soar. Read More

What Would Happen To The Price Of Silver If Just 5% Of US Adults Bought 100 Ounces?

October 6, 2018 / Matt from Silver Fortune

We often hear it wouldn't take much new investment demand coming into the silver market for price to rise, so let's explore that a bit Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneWhat type of an impact would a major increase in investment demand for physical silver have on the price and overall market? Read More

Will King Dollar Squash Precious Metals Rally Hopes Again?

Oct 5, 2018 / Chris Kimble

The precious metals sector simply cannot buy a break. Since peaking, gold bugs have had several rally attempts squashed. And many of them due to the strength that the US Dollar has found in the past decade.Is it happening yet again?For gold, silver, and the precious metals sector to rally, King Dollar needs to stall out here. Looking at the chart below, the US Dollar is testing resistance at point...Read More

Harvey Organ: Huge Amount Of Silver Standing For Delivery In This Non-Active Delivery Month

October 4, 2018 / Harvey Organ

Harvey says the October contract is an off delivery month, but still, there is a huge amount of silver standing for delivery. Here are the Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ BlogGOLD: $1199.15 DOWN $4.05 (COMEX TO COMEX CLOSINGS)Silver: $14.67 UP 0 CENTS (COMEX TO COMEX CLOSING) Closing access prices:Gold : 1197.40 silver: $14.64 I will try and deliver a commentary tomorrow but it will...Read More