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An Insider's Look At The Turning Of The Tide For Silver

January 13, 2019 / Reluctant Preppers

What signals indicate that we're set up for a cyclical reversal and ripe for a turning of the tide for silver? Here's an insider's take on that and more...Greg Crowe interviewed on Reluctant PreppersVolatility is returning to stocks after a record bull market run, while precious metals have been beaten down for almost a decade. What signals indicate we are set up for a cyclical reversal and ripe f...Read More

OH MY: Are We About To See COMEX Silver Make Daily Price Jumps Of $12?

January 11, 2019 / Cyrille Jubert

Silver's bullish run has just started, and the run should gather steam, but IF THIS HAPPENS, then we could see DAILY PRICE JUMPS OF $12...Submitted by Cyrille Jubert of CyrilleJubert.comLet's start by looking at silver's spot price in euro:Silver has obviously developed a reverse head-and-shoulder pattern which has been finalized all the way to its baseline. On the daily chart above we see that th...Read More

Craig Hemke: THE BANKS ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE As They Fight Silver At $15.80

January 10, 2019 / Craig Hemke

What the banks are doing is so freaking obvious and ridiculous, but Craig says to get ready, because it is going to be like this all Craig Hemke of TF Metals ReportThis is so freaking obvious and ridiculous that I thought it deserved its own post. What's even more ridiculous is the amount of shills and charlatans who still publicly cling to the silly notion that the Comex silver market i...Read More

If The DOJ Does This, The Ongoing Silver Manipulation Will Come To A SCREECHING HALT

January 10, 2019 / Ted Butler

Ted Butler says if the DOJ asks the right questions, the ongoing silver manipulation will come to a screeching halt. Here's what the DOJ should be Ted Butler of Butler Research via Silver SeekReasonable questions should be answered reasonably. When such questions cannot be answered reasonably or at all, particularly by those with a responsibility for answering, something is wrong. A go...Read More

SRSrocco: Silver Outperforms Key Markets, Metals & Energy

January 9, 2019 / SRSrocco Report

The precious metals have done relatively well compared to most other assets this past month. Here's Steve St. Angelo to Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco ReportWhile December was a horrible month for the broader markets, that wasn't the case for the precious metals. As the Dow Jones and S&P 500 Indexes suffered the worst December since the Great Depression, the silver price enjoyed quite a...Read More

The Price of Silver Is Rallying, and It's Just the Start

January 8, 2019 / Peter Krauth

Peter KrauthThe price of silver has been steady over the past week and is still up tremendously since late December. In fact, silver prices are still up more than 9% from their December low.At this point, a small pause in silver's rise would not surprise me. The metal typically takes a little time to digest its massive gains.In the past two weeks alone, silver is up an astounding 6.3%, while gold...Read More

Elliott Wave Technical Analysis Signals We Should Still See Higher Silver Prices In The Days Ahead

January 7, 2019 / Captain Ewave

Not only should we still see higher silver prices in the days ahead, but gold & silver are expected to move sharply higher once this Captain Ewave of CaptainEwaveEmail: [email protected]Website: www.captainewave.comGOLD:Short Term Update: In the overnight session we have moved higher again and have reached a high of 1294.30! Within wave .iii. we continue to work on our first impulsi...Read More

King Dollar Attempting To Break Support, Bullish for metals!

Jan 7, 2019 / Chris Kimble

This chart looks at the US Dollar, reflecting that it has spent the majority of the past 14-years inside of rising channel (1).Over the past 3-years, King Dollar could be creating a series of lower highs and lower lows inside of falling channel (2). It hit the top of the channel a few weeks back, near the top of the new falling channel and some selling pressure has taken place.The weakness in King...Read More

Silver Gold Market Update | Christopher Aaron, iGoldAdvisor

January 5, 2019 / Christopher Aaron

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Stitcher | RSSWe welcome Christopher back to the show this week for some of the best and most up-to-date silver analysis around, but that's not all we discuss...Christopher Aaron of iGold Advisor interviewed by James Anderson for SD BullionSilver and gold had another strong showing this week.The gold spot price thr...Read More

Clive Maund: Is This The Start Of A Silver Bull Market?

January 4, 2019 / Clive Maund

As the great stock market bear market unfolds, Clive says silver is going to continue to perform well. Here's Clive Maund via Streetwise ReportsThe last update was wrong. Silver was expected to drop with the stock market, but instead it held its ground and then broke higher last week. The reasons for this misinterpretation, both for gold and silver, are set out in the latest Gold Market u...Read More

Here's How High the Price of Silver Will Go in January 2019

January 4, 2019 / Peter Krauth

Peter KrauthEven just a quick glance at the price of silver is enough to alert any investor that this metal has begun a new rally.As much as gold may have struggled in 2018, silver's performance was even bleaker. After starting out last year at $17, silver would close out 2018 at $15.47, for a sizeable 9% annual loss.However, if we look at silver's action since early November, there's a lot for bu...Read More

Michael Ballanger: 2019 Is The Year Silver Outperforms Gold, Copper & The Mining Stocks

January 3, 2019 / Streetwise Reports

Michael says that in 2019, one must surmise that silver has to be owned - period! Here are Michael's reasons Michael Ballanger via Streetwise ReportsA Brief Word on ForecastsEach year between December 25 and January 1, every blogger, analyst, newsletter guru, or market historian like me issues their "forecast" for the upcoming year, and what I find a worthy exercise is to go back and read...Read More

Gold; 8-Year Breakout Attempt In Play!

Jan 3, 2019 / Chris Kimble

Since the 2011 highs, Gold futures have created a series of lower highs and lower lows inside of falling channel (1).The rally since the lows in 2016 has Gold facing the top of its 8-year falling channel at (2). This test comes into play as resistance for Gold, something it has struggled with for years.Gold bulls would receive a rare long-term bullish message if it can break out at (2)!Is the 8-ye...Read More

Chris Vermeulen: Silver Starts A Breakout Move Higher

January 2, 2019 / The Technical Traders

Chris says to watch silver because this latest break-out is very important. Is $60 - $65 silver possible in the near future? Here's Chris to Chris Vermeulen of The Technical TradersWatch Silver, folks. This quiet shiny metal is starting a move that could be very foretelling of global market concerns and risks. Early on December 26, 2018, Silver broke through recent resistance, to the...Read More

TraderStef: Silver's Hi-Ho Day Needs A Few More Dollars - Technical Analysis

December 28, 2018 / TraderStef

She hasn't analyzed silver for a while as the charts have been lifeless. But silver is now making progress, so let's dive into the charts with TraderStef via CrushTheStreet (connect with TraderStef via Twitter or at TraderStef's website)I have not offered a technical analysis on silver for quite a while because the chart did not show any sign of life. When the gold bull lift-off to...Read More

Silver Quietly Climbs Higher As Cries Of 'Mass Arrests', 'Sealed Indictments' & 'Military Tribunals' Go Silent

December 28, 2018 / Q-Anon has gone silent

SD Friday Wrap: We're quietly climbing as silver catches a whiff that 'mass arrests', 'military tribunals', and 'locking her up' just aren't going to happen...Q-Anon has gone silent since December 22nd:Those are Q's last two posts, and the posts are curiously from the same day the very limited federal government shutdown began.One day of will-still-be-paid-in-arrears work was all Q could take?Does...Read More

STANDING ITS GROUND: Plunge Protection Team Trashing Of Silver Doesn't Work Out Too Well

December 27, 2018 / Harvey Organ

Harvey Organ says the markets are easy to manipulate right now, so the PPT moved in to trash gold & silver, but silver stood its ground. Here's an update... by Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ BlogDEC 26/DOW UP OVER 1084 POINTS/NASDAQ UP 361 POINTS/GOLD UP 15 CENTS TO $1269.95 WITH SILVER THE STANDOUT RISING BY 27 CENTS TO $15.04/IN ACCESS MARKET: GOLD DOWN TO 1266.50 BUT SILVER REMAINS CONSTANT..ALL...Read More

Silver Punches Through $15 For First Time Since 'Nixon Closes The Gold Window' Anniversary

December 26, 2018 / “Nixon closing the gold window”

Silver has punched through $15, nearly erasing all losses from the August 15th beat-down. The gold chart isn't too shabby either. Here are the details...Silver has just punched through the $15 price level:This is even before the opening bell.Let's see if silver can get put in a close above this psychologically-important whole number.The last time one ounce of silver cost $15 was on August 15th, 20...Read More

Santa Claus Rally Taking Place Here!

Dec 26, 2018 / Chris Kimble

While it's easy to find articles that suggest a Santa Claus rally isn't taking place this year, the Power of the Patterns would disagree!This chart looks at the performance from several assets in the metals sector the past 30-days.Even though all of these metals assets are lower in 2018, each of these is experiencing a nice rally this month!So maybe ole Santa didn't disappoint everyone this year....Read More

Gold Bugs breaking above multi-year resistance; Good News In Play!

Dec 26, 2018 / Chris Kimble

The Gold Bugs Index could be sending some good news to this out of favor sector of late!The Gold bugs index has struggled for the past 7-years compared to the S&P 500, as it has created a series of lower highs. This decline reflects that Gold miners have been much weaker than the S&P 500. The weakness in the ratio has been suggesting to be long the S&P and short the Gold bugs index.Of late the rat...Read More