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Doug Casey and Rick Rule: Uranium Legends on the Coming Bull Market

September 17, 2018 / marketsanity.com

Nick recently caught up with Doug Casey and Rick Rule at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver for more on this huge opportunity. Doug and Rick are true legends Continue...Read More

Why Does Novo Continue to Acquire Pilbara Land? John Kaiser - September 18, 2018

September 18, 2018 / www.youtube.com

What will be the new Diamond story?Guest's website:https://secure.kaiserresearch.comProduced by https://www.HoweStreet.comDon't miss out - Stay Informed!Receive the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap with thought provoking podcasts, radio and articles delivered to your inbox.Sign up for the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap on the homepage at https://www.HoweStreet.comRead More

ERIC SPROTT - There is Not Going To Be Enough Gold Around Soon

September 18, 2018 / www.youtube.com


Silver's Relationship with Gold Reaching Historical Extremes / Commodities / Gold and Silver 2018

September 16, 2018 / marketoracle.co.uk

Axel Merk Exclusive: Can You Sleep at Night When the Market Goes Against You?Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason.Coming up we’ll hear from Axel Merk of Merk Investments. Axel reveals the one big mistake many investors are making in not rebalancing their portfolios right now, and he explains why he still sees gold as an important asset to own despite its r...Read More

This Self-Made Billionaire Reminds Americans that Only Capitalism Creates Wealth

September 11, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

By Frank HolmesCapitalism works is how Ken Langone, billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, opens his new book, I Love Capitalism!: An American Story.Let me say it again: It works! And I'm living proof it can work for anybody and everybody. Show me where the silver spoon was in my mouth. I've got to argue profoundly and passionately: I'm the American Dream.Last week, I had the privilege to attend t...Read More

Gold Seeker Weekly Wrap-Up: Gold and Silver Edge Lower on the Week but Miners Gain

September 14, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

CloseGain/LossOn WeekGold $1194.10-$8.00-0.17%Silver$14.06-$0.14-0.64%XAU63.36-0.60%+0.51%HUI137.48-0.63%+0.92%GDM500.32-0.39%+0.42%JSE Gold1006.30+6.89-1.22%USD94.97+0.42-0.44%Euro116.27-0.64+0.57%Yen89.30-0.01-0.94%Oil$68.99+$0.40+1.83%10-Year2.993%+0.020+1.94%Bond142.53125-0.625-0.57%Dow26154.67+0.03%+0.92%Nasdaq8010.04-0.05%+1.36%S&P2904.98+0.03%+1.16% The Metals: Gold gained $6.40 to $1208...Read More

Key takeaway from this year's @metalbulletin Asian #Nickel Conference is the expected re-emergence of HPAL processi...

September 14, 2018 / twitter.com

"Key takeaway from this year's @metalbulletin Asian #Nickel Conference is the expected re-emergence of HPAL processing to produce battery-grade nickel from laterite ore. CAPEX for last round of HPAL plants in the early 2010s was $4-6 billion per plant https://t.co/0lEmjP5JRP"Read full newsRead More

Gold Stocks Forced Capitulation / Commodities / Gold and Silver Stocks 2018

September 15, 2018 / www.marketoracle.co.uk

The gold miners’ stockssuffered a rare capitulation selloff over the past month or so.  Selling cascaded to extremes as stop losseswere sequentially triggered, battering this contrarian sector toexceedingly-low levels.  While verychallenging psychologically, capitulations are super-bullish.  They rapidly exhaust all near-term sellingpotential, leaving gold stocks wildly overso...Read More

Marin Katusa: The setup for Uranium is better now than any time in the last decade

September 07, 2018 / marketsanity.com

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Marin Katusa back to MacroVoices. Erik and Marin discuss uranium and why it is an opportunity now and the political and geopolitical considerations in picking your investments. They further discuss the royalty and streaming business model for uranium and the private placement opportunities in the streaming model. They further discuss warrants on resource c...Read More

Eric Sprott discusses the gold market

September 07, 2018 / marketsanity.com

This week, Eric Sprott discusses the surging demand for physical gold in nations such as India and notes that this development will almost certainly impact the gold price in the weeks ahead.Eric Sprott has more than 40 years of experience in the investment industry. In 1981, he founded Sprott Securities (now called Cormark Securities Inc.), which today is one of Canada's largest independently owne...Read More

Nolan Watson | Mining Management Must Be Countercyclical & Contrarian to Maximize Shareholder Value

September 09, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Nolan Watson is the CEO and co-founder of Sandstorm Gold Royalties.Perhaps no mining executive in the gold mining sector has negotiated more streaming and royalty deals than Nolan.Before co-founding Sandstorm in 2008, Nolan was the Chief Financial Officer of Silver Wheaton, a multi-billion dollar public company where he helped develop the silver streaming business model and helped raise more than...Read More

Rick Rule | A New Exploration Cycle in Mining is Coming

September 10, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc., joins Albert Lu, President & CEO of Sprott US Media, to explore the topics that dominated the 2018 Sprott Vancouver Conference on Natural Resource Investing.* More available from the 2018 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium:Accumulate Good Junior Miners at the Bottom | Avino Silver & Gold Aims to Expand Output: https://youtu.be/mWJx55IbYJMGold P...Read More

Ira Epstein's Metals Video 8 31 2018

September 03, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

By Ira EpsteinGold stays neutral. Next week could offer fireworks.https://www.iraepstein.com/ Read More

Early-Stage Investing with Adam Sharp (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

August 31, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

By Frank HolmesFor years, Adam Sharp has helped accredited and retail investors get in on the ground floor of some of the most promising early stage investment opportunities. These include not just venture capital but also equity crowdfunding and cryptocurrencies, which he added last year to his two research offerings, First Stage Investor and Crypto Asset Strategies.I recently had the pleasure t...Read More

Company Update with Eric Coffin

August 31, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Cooper Quinn, CEO & President, chats with Eric Coffin of HRA Advisories to discuss recent news from the Caribou project as well asproviding an update on plans going into Q4 2018.Read More

Eric Sprott on the metrics that matter - Weekly Wrap Up, Aug 31 2018

September 01, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Labor Day is upon us, and the long U.S. holiday weekend marks the traditional end of summer. Before you start your celebrations, check in with the latest edition of the Weekly Wrap-up, where you'll hear:- What's driving the coming rally- Eric's forecast for the U.S. dollar- Plus: will September bring a trend change?Read More

Brien Lundin: Why The Gold Market Looks Poised For Reversal

August 28, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Extreme conditions are aligning in a way we've seen before Full description and comments at: https://www.peakprosperity.com/podcas...This week, we welcome back to the podcast Brien Lundin, publisher of Gold Newsletter and producer of the New Orleans Investment Conference (Nov 1-4, 2018). FYI: both Chris and I will be speaking there again this year.Brien predicts that the brutal period for precious...Read More

Rick Rule: Major Supply Problems In Gold & Silver If Prices Continue to Fall?

August 25, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, President and CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc. and credit analyst, Rick Rule of Sprott US/Sprott Global http://www.sprottglobal.com/Rick's bio: http://www.sprottglobal.com/our-firm/...Rick has decades of natural resource market experience both investing and lending money to resource companies. Rick has been through many different cycle...Read More

InZinc Needs to March West. John Kaiser - August 28, 2018

August 28, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Skeena reverses downtrendGuest's website:https://secure.kaiserresearch.comProduced by https://www.HoweStreet.comDon't miss out - Stay Informed!Receive the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap with thought provoking podcasts, radio and articles delivered to your inbox.Sign up for the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap on the homepage at https://www.HoweStreet.comRead More

Are We in Another Mining Bear Market?

August 28, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

Source: Matt Geiger for Streetwise Reports 08/27/2018 Fund manager Matt Geiger of MJG Capital expresses his view of the current resources market. -->After a screaming January to start 2018, it's been six consecutive months of pain across the mining industry. The catalyst for this has largely been fear that the Trump tariff tantrum will derail global GDP growth, coupled with fears that the U.S....Read More