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Doug Casey On The Upcoming Speculations of a Lifetime

December 11, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Legendary investor Doug Casey has been speculating in the gold and silver markets for decades with incredible success. And we were fortunate to have him join Chris Marcus on Inside the Markets at this year's Silver and Gold Summit to share what he's investing in now.Doug explained why for those willing to take the risks of investing in the mining stocks, this could be an incredible time to specula...Read More

Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott USA - Gold Price is Stupidly Low Relative to Monetary Inflation

December 09, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Rick Rule shares with us on SBTV his valuable observations of investing the contrarian way and investor psychology needed to survive a bear market. We find out how Rick views physical gold and other resources that are on his radar at this moment.Rick Rule is the President & CEO of Sprott USA Holdings(http://www.sprottusa.com).Discussed in this interview:01:11 Investing the contrarian way.04:43 Inv...Read More

SWOT Analysis: Gold Heading for Its Best Close Since July

December 10, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

By Frank HolmesStrengthsThe best performing metal this week was palladium, up 3.88 percent on very tight physical markets. Dutch bank ABN Amro noted that palladium has overshot and may slide back 20 percent to $1,000. Gold traders and analysts are the most bullish they've been in at least three years on the yellow metal this week, according to Bloomberg's weekly survey. Walter Pehowich, executive...Read More

ROSS BEATY Anyone who has invested in gold equities should do very well in the next few years

December 08, 2018 / www.youtube.com

ROSS BEATY Anyone who has invested in gold equities should do very well in the next few years#financialnews, #stockmarketnewstoday, #economicreportRead More

GoldSeek Radio - Dec 7, 2018 [HARRY DENT & BOB HOYE] weekly

December 09, 2018 / www.youtube.com

GoldSeek Radio's Chris Waltzek talks to Harry S Dent Jr http://www.harrydent.com/ and to Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors http://www.institutionaladvisors.com/http://www.goldseek.com/ http://radio.goldseek.comRead More

The Deal of the Century for Contrarians is here

December 08, 2018 / www.321gold.com

Bob Moriarty ArchivesDec 8, 2018Regular readers of 321gold are well aware that I am a contrarian. As Rick Rule likes to repeat, if you aren’t a contrarian, you are a victim. On January 26th of this year, using nothing more than theDSIinformation, I predicted that12 commodities would be making a turn. There was no magic to it; I just used information available to anyone at all. If they had ac...Read More

Frank Holmes' 2019 Market Outlook

December 06, 2018 / www.youtube.com

On Kitco News' special 2019 outlook series Frank Holmes shared his thoughts on what the market might expect to see in the New Year. Frank believes that the trade war will have a resolution by the first quarter next year, the global purchasing manager's index (PMI) will bottom and stock market volatility will continue. Additionally, Frank says gold could shine again as "we're back to the real world...Read More

Nolan Watson: The Only Gold Company w/Large Near Term Growth & Doing Share Buybacks?

November 30, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St welcomes back returning guest, the Co-Founder, President, CEO & Director of Sandstorm Gold Royalties https://www.sandstormgold.com/, Nolan Watson.Nolan was also the first employee and former CFO of Silver Wheaton (now Wheaton Precious Metals). Jason and Nolan discuss the current state of the gold, silver and copper mining industries and many things concerning No...Read More

GoldSeek Radio: Peter Schiff and Bob Hoye, and Chris Waltzek

December 03, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

Featured GuestsPeter Schiff & Bob HoyeShow HighlightsPeter Schiff, head of SchiffGold, Euro Pacific Capital, and Euro Pacific Gold Fund (EPGFX) joins the show from his vacation office in tropical Crypto-Rico, where air conditioning service, not heating is the chief concern today. Key takeaway - gold is building a base that will likely culminate in new record prices, from $2,000 - $5,000 and under...Read More

SWOT Analysis: Gold's First Back-to-Back Month Since January

December 03, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

By Frank HolmesStrengthsThe best performing metal this week was palladium, up 5.38 percent as hedge funds boosted their net long positon to a nine-month high. Gold traders and analysts are bullish for the third week in a row, according to the weekly Bloomberg survey. Mark O'Byrne, research director at GoldCore, said the set up for gold is getting better and better and it looks set for a strong 20...Read More

Precious Metals Moving In Unison For A Massive Price Advance: Part II / Commodities / Gold and Silver 2018

November 25, 2018 / www.marketoracle.co.uk

As we continue to explore our custom research into the metals markets and our presumption that the metals markets are poised for a massive price rally over the next few months/years, we pick up this second part of our multi-part article illustrating our research work and conclusions.  If you missed the first part of this article, please take a minute to review it by before continuing further...Read More

Gold Is Setting Up For A Nice First-Half Rally

November 26, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

Precious metals investors don't have much to console them these days. Just about the only bright spot is the nice, though ephemeral, pop in the gold/silver price that seems to happen every January. Sometimes it persists for six or so months, sometimes it ends before the snows do. But either way it's more fun than the rest of the year. This pattern repeats because Asians like to give gold and sil...Read More

A Winter of Discontent in Gold Triangle. John Kaiser - November 20, 2018

November 20, 2018 / www.youtube.com

When a major bails, is it actually good newsGuest's website:https://secure.kaiserresearch.comProduced by https://www.HoweStreet.comDon't miss out - Stay Informed!Receive the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap with thought provoking podcasts, radio and articles delivered to your inbox.Sign up for the HoweStreet.com Weekly Recap on the homepage at https://www.HoweStreet.comRead More

SWOT Analysis: M and A in the Goldfields

November 19, 2018 / news.goldseek.com

By Frank HolmesStrengthsThe best performing metal this week was palladium, up 5.41 percent. Palladium surged this week on bets that the Chinese auto industry will boost global demand due to tight supplies of the metal, which is used in vehicle pollution-control devices. Gold traders and analysts were bullish for the second week in a row in the Bloomberg weekly sentiment survey. Many expect the ye...Read More

Rick Rule Investing 'Know-Who' with Greg Smith

November 16, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott US Holdings Inc. sits down with Gregory Smith, President at Equinox Gold Corp., to talk about navigating through varying investing climates. Smith discusses his expertise in financing and accounting and how he honed his skills over the years.Read More

Gwen Preston | Generalist Investors Will Soon Search for Value That They Will Find in Mining Stocks

November 18, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Gwen Preston is the founder of the Resource Maven newsletter that focuses on mining, exploration, and resource investing.In this interview, Gwen shares her fundamental thesis regarding why mining stocks and commodities will soon be rising in price as generalist investors seek out value that they will not be able to find anymore in the general equity markets.Gwen discusses her top commodity for 201...Read More

How Do The Experts Pick Their Top Stocks? - David Morgan, Brent Cook and Nick Hodge

November 13, 2018 / www.youtube.com

How do the experts pick their top stocks? Watch as Rob Fuhrman (Katusa Research) discusses with leading newsletter writers David Morgan (The Morgan Report), Brent Cook (Exploration Insights) and Nick Hodge (Outsider Club).Join us at an upcoming event! http://www.cambridgehouse.comStay Connected!http://www.cambridgehouse.com/https://twitter.com/cambridgehttps://www.facebook.com/cambridgehou...Copyr...Read More

Metals Investor Forum November 2018 - Eric Coffin, Publisher of HRA Advisories

November 11, 2018 / www.youtube.com

MIF November 9-10, 2018 in Vancouver: Eric Coffin, Publisher of HRA Advisories - "Transitions"._________________________________________________________________The companies presenting at the Metals Investor Forum are as vetted as it gets - they have already cleared the high hurdle of earning the coverage from the newsletter writers' as companies with excellent management teams, great financials a...Read More

Looking for Gold in All the Right Places: Globe 24-7's interview with Ivan Bebek - Executive Chairman & Director of Auryn Resources Inc.

November 11, 2018 / www.mining.com

Entering Q4 of 2018, Globe 24-7's Luis Valente meets with Ivan Bebek - Executive Chairman and Director of Vancouver-based Auryn Resources Inc. (TSX: AUG, NYSE: AUG) - to discuss Mr. Bebek's outlook on the mining marketplace and his vision for Auryn Resources. Mr. Bebek is optimistic and says that $2,500/oz gold could be a reality in the near future.Auryn Resources pursues world-class discoveries;...Read More

Gerardo Del Real: This is the "Buy Low" Part of "Buy Low, Sell High"

November 12, 2018 / www.youtube.com

Gerardo Del Real of the Outsider Club believes the uranium and lithium spaces present opportunities for investors, and shares several stock picks in those markets.______________________________________________________________Investing News Network (INN)Find out more about investing by INN @http://investingnews.com/Want a FREE investor kit? Download herehttp://investingnews.com/resource-fre...Follo...Read More