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Silver Bullion 100 oz - What Do Investors Like about It?

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

For many investors, silver bullion 100 oz bars are the best possible choice when it comes to silver bullion for sale to investors. There are many reasons why the one hundred ounce bars are ideal, and preferred by large scale investors. They are a standard industrial bulk size, so there is no guesswork involved. Just like with an investment in quality gold bullion bars, the weight and purity is sta...Read More

Silver Futures Investment - Safe or Not?

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

Are silver futures a safe investment or a big mistake? The answer will depend on who you ask, and some investors and professionals believe that the futures market offers a higher reward potential. Gold and silver investment activity has been rising steadily for the last few years, and in uncertain economic times precious metals have always been in high demand throughout history. This is not true w...Read More

10 Secrets of Successful Silver Bullion Investment

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

1. Learn Before InvestingIf you want to start a silver bullion investment then learn everything you can about this subject. The Internet can be a fantastic resource for this purpose, and you can never know too much before you start investing. The more you know the more successful you will be.2. Evaluate All Of Your OptionsLook at all the options you have with your silver bullion investment. This c...Read More

Gold and Silver Investment Comparison: Pros and Cons

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

An honest gold and silver investment comparison will look at both the advantages and disadvantages of each metal. Gold bullion is one of the most popular precious metals, with silver being considered the poor cousin until recently. It is true that a silver bullion investment will be much less valuable than an identical weight of gold, but one the other hand silver investing will also cost a lot le...Read More

Silver Investing Is on the Rise in the Shadow of Gold

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

Silver investing is on the rise by investors around the globe, although this precious metal always seems to be in the shadow of gold investment options. While both gold and silver have done extremely well on the market in the last few years, gold bullion has not increased at the rapid percentage that silver has. You can find silver bullion for sale at very affordable prices, while this may not be...Read More

7 Things You Need to Know about Silver Bullion Bars

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

Knowing important facts about precious metals investment you are about to make is a key to success. Read on to find out more.1. Know What You Are Paying For Before You BuyIf you are interested in a silver bullion investment, the first thing you should do before making a purchase is to know what you are buying. This is true whether you want gold coins or silver bullion bars, and this step will prev...Read More

Where Can I Find A Silver Bullion for Sale?

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

Silver similar to other precious metals has experienced an incredible jump in price triggered by economic meltdown of global proportions. Many investors have chosen to exit highly volatile money market funds and decided to acquire physical precious metals. If you are looking for silver bullion for sale, you have a number of different options available. Silver and gold bullion are widely sold onlin...Read More

I Want Buy Silver Bullion Online - What Are My Choices?

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

If you want to buy silver bullion online, the first thing you need to know is what your choices are. These choices will help you determine the best form of silver for your specific investment goals and strategies. Silver investment can take many forms including coins, bars, nuggets, ingots, and others, and each will have specific markups and fees associated with them. When you choose to buy silver...Read More

Silver and Gold Bullion - Which One Is a Better Investment?

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

An important consideration if you want to invest in precious metals is the choice between silver and gold bullion. These are two of the most popular metals chosen, but they are not your only possible choices because you can also choose a palladium bullion investment or other precious metal instead. You can also choose a gold and silver investment, buying both of these metals in varying amounts. If...Read More

Silver Bullion Coins Investment: Pros and Cons

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

As an investment silver bullion coins have both pros and cons, and understanding both of these aspects will help you determine whether this precious metal is the right investment choice in your specific circumstances. There are many physical precious metals investment options, including gold bullion, platinum and palladium coins, bars and even ingots. All of these can be excellent investments, and...Read More

Top 10 Places Where To Buy Silver Bullion Online

November 30, 2018 / Staff reporter

The gold investing craze has been sweeping over the nation over the last few years. While gold is considered one of the top choices to invest in, some investment analysts actually prefer silver metal for various reasons. They think that silver is currently undervalued and has not yet reached its potential presenting a great window of opportunity for many investors in these metals.Please browse bel...Read More

Matt From Silver Fortune: Gold & Silver Spike As The Fed Begins To Worry

November 28, 2018 / Matt from Silver Fortune

Fed Chair Jerome Powell gave a speech today, and he came out sounding like a dove. Gold & silver spiked as a result. Here's Matt with the Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneAs predicted by many (including your's truly), the Fed is pivoting to a more dovish stance. The move in metals today was relatively small, but it could be the beginning of a big move up. Read More

INVESTMENT DEMAND: Still The Largest Growth Sector In The Silver Market

November 28, 2018 / Steve St. Angelo

Think silver is dead? Steve St. Angelo shows that not only is silver not dead, but investment demand has grown more than other types of Steve St. Angelo of SRSrocco ReportEven though interest in precious metals has fallen over the past few years, investment demand is still the largest growth sector in the silver market. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but physical silver investment ha...Read More

CRUNCH TIME: The Direction Of The Markets Could Change BIG TIME Over The Next Two Days

November 28, 2018 / Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

SD Midweek Update: The "markets" performed as expected coming into Wednesday, but we could see totally different "markets" by week's end. Here's why...On Monday I felt pretty confident that we would see the stock market bounce.That is exactly what we see:In my opinion, we are witnessing a short-squeeze induced dead cat bounce. The 50-day moving average is quickly closing in on the 200-day, and we...Read More

Ted Butler: The Seriousness Of The Latest Silver Scandal

November 27, 2018 / Ted Butler

Ted explains why the latest JP Morgan silver scandal is very serious, and he also explains why JP Morgan may be turning over a new Ted Butler via SilverSeekA few follow up comments about the still rather remarkable announcement by the Department of Justice concerning the guilty plea by the former JPMorgan trader for spoofing in precious metals. Contained in the announcement was the state...Read More


November 27, 2018 / Hugo Salinas Price

"...the joy and steadfast political support of the millions of Americans who have purchased these silver ounces, when you announce that..."by Hugo Salinas Price of President Trump,Sir: you are working tirelessly, against tremendous odds, to carry out your mission in life, which is to "Make America Great Again".I propose to you a measure fully in accord with your vision of a great,...Read More

Michael Ballanger: Hands Of A Broken Clock (And Why Silver Will Become The New Momentum Play)

November 27, 2018 / Michael Ballanger

Michael says any way you cut it, gold & silver are going to rally, and they're going to rally hard...broken clock be damned. Here's Michael Ballanger via Streetwise Reports"Even a broken clock is right twice a day." Stephen Hunt, The Court of the AirThere are times when every investor has to look long and deep into a mirror and determine whether a well-thought-out strategy is actionable o...Read More

Why the "Smart Money" Is Bullish on the Price of Silver Ahead of 2019

November 27, 2018 / Peter Krauth

Peter KrauthAfter a rough week for stocks and the Thanksgiving holiday, the price of silver remains one of the best deals around.Of course, additional discounts may still lie ahead, but silver's inherent value at current prices is difficult to beat – no Cyber Monday promos required.Silver prices had a good week last week, but they backpedaled on Black Friday (as did stocks) while the U.S. do...Read More

Not Much Has Changed With Gold & Silver (They Still Want To Run Higher)

November 27, 2018 / Avi Gilburt

The charts still seem like the metals want to run higher, and especially with silver, the downside pattern is really full. Here are the Avi Gilburt of Elliott Wave TraderFirst published Sat Nov 24 for members: Since I put out my last update on Thursday morning, I cannot say much has really changed. So, I am going to re-print my update here, and add a few new comments below:I am stil...Read More

Matt from Silver Fortune: Physical Surplus For Silver Projected For 2018

November 26, 2018 / Matt from Silver Fortune

With falling investment demand, it comes as no surprise the physical market is in a surplus...for now. But for how much longer? Here's Matt's Matt from Silver Fortune via Silver FortuneWith falling investment demand, it comes as no surprise that the physical market is in a surplus... for now. But for how much longer? Read More