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Investing in Cotton: Profit From the New "King" of the Commodities Sector

October 30, 2010 / Jack Barnes

Gold is grabbing the headlines setting daily record highs.Silver is setting an-even-more-torrid pace. Wheat and coffee - American breakfasttable staples - are surging due to bad weather around the world.But there's another commodity that's up big: It's surged as much as 55% in thelast 12 months to reach its highest price level in 15 years. And there's plentymore to come: Global demand far outstrip...Read More

Will Midterm Elections Ignite a Stock Market Rally?

October 29, 2010 / Don Miller

The Democrats and Republicans have spent a record$3.5 billion in preparation for this year's midterm elections. But regardlessof the outcome - whether you're a Democrat or Republican - the good news isthat the stock market traditionally has performed well during midterm electioncycles."Thequestion is, 'Did the markets go up in the midterm election years by more thanaverage in non-election years?'...Read More

The Halloween Prophecy

October 28th, 2010 / Jason Hommel

Through research over the last ten years, I have come to believe that Halloween is a prophetic rehearsal that shows the return of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, and the rapture to heaven.I believe the meaning of Halloween symbols, are as follows:The candy is a symbol of heaven.The door is a symbol of Jesus.The dressing up as skeletons, zombies, and ghouls are a symbol of those who will be re...Read More

Grrrr.....ressive play!

Oct 27, 2010 / Chris Kimble

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGEI will start off with an "IF!" IF the dollar is at a low and rallies, what usually happens? Stocks and Commodities often struggle (see "Good, Bad & Ugly post). What ETF is a combination of a stock and a commodity? Basic Materials ETF (IYM)!!! Base Materials are at resistance (See "Heavy Metal" post). So if the Dollar rallies and basic materials are at resistance...Read More

Investment Strategies: Three Ways to Profit - No Matter Who Wins Tuesday's Midterm Elections

October 27, 2010 / William Patalon III

William Patalon IIIIf you're worried that next week's midterm elections couldfurther cloud an already-uncertain investment landscape, take a page from theinvestment playbook of Money Morning's Keith Fitz-Gerald:Position yourself to profit no matter which party wins on Tuesday.During an interview with Fox Business Network journalist Stuart Varney yesterday (Tuesday), Fitz-Gerald detailed three stra...Read More

Anyone a "Heavy Metal" fan?

Oct 26, 2010 / Chris Kimble

Copper and Silver have moved smartly higher over the past few months. Silver is close to the upside Fibonacci target I shared in a prior post (see post here). Are "METALS about to act HEAVY?"CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGEMetals are testing resistance as the Dollar is testing support (see post here). So far it has paid to "harvest at resistance and follow breakouts!" Doubt that it is different...Read More

Looking outside of Gold/Silver

Oct 26, 2010 / Chris Kimble

Wanted to "look outside" of the Gold/Silver complex for potential clues about basic metals and maybe the economy. Below is a current snapshot of Palladium.Palladium is facing Fibonacci 50% retracement resistance at the top of a rising wedge and a potential double top. The strong rally in Palladium has taken place during some decent declines in the U.S. Dollar!Should the bottom of the wedge break...Read More

Buy, Sell or Hold: Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) Offers the Security and Profit Potential that Few Other Investments Can

October 25, 2010 / Jack Barnes

It's not easy to find a safe investment these days. Therulebook has been thrown out and mercantilism reigns supreme between nationstates.The world is experiencingsignificant and rapid changes in currency exchange rates, as policymakers aroundthe world take a beggar thy neighbor approach toward economic security.There are very few multi-national companies that are notbeing seriously impacted by the...Read More

Is the U.S. Federal Reserve Setting the Stage for Hyperinflation?

October 25, 2010 / Don Miller

The U.S. government wants to stimulate growth in the moribund economy by stoking the fires of inflation. But by leaving interest rates low and buying up bonds - a policy known as quantitative easing (QE) - the U.S. Federal Reserve risks debasing the dollar, which could lead to a prolonged period of hyperinflation that would send prices skyrocketing.After their most recent meeting on Sept. 21, Fed...Read More

Obama: Silver Salesman of the Year!

October 25th, 2010 / Jason Hommel

Obama is an amazing gun salesman and silver salesman. He's caused the gun sales by being a gun grabbing liberal. He's an even better silver salesman than gun salesman though, since the sales of US Mint Silver Eagles has just about trippled on his watch, but I'd never even heard him mention the subject of silver. That's quite a feat!Politics this year has just not gripped me like other years. I...Read More

Money Morning Mailbag: China Needs to Boost Domestic Demand to Continue Economic Recovery

October 22, 2010 / Kerri Shannon

China released data this week showing its economy grew 9.6%in the third quarter from a year earlier, slower than years past but stillsignificantly ahead of other countries that are struggling to stabilize theireconomies. A slight dip in growth is what China wanted. Its grossdomestic product (GDP) has grown on average more than 10% annually since 2006.The country's central bank lifted rates this we...Read More

Harvesting Silver (SLV) and Oil Driller (OIH)

Oct 21, 2010 / Chris Kimble

Going to harvest Silver (SLV) and Oil Service Holders (OIH) at current prices.Read More

Defensive Investing: Covered Calls Increase Cash Flow, Up Protection

October 21, 2010 / Larry D. Spears

Onceyou get beyond buying puts or calls for purely speculative purposes, no otheroptions strategy is more popular than selling covered calls - and with goodreason: Few investment techniques offer more potential benefits with such a lowlevel of risk. Consideredthe most conservative of all option plays, this strategy - which basicallyinvolves selling (or "writing")one calloption for each 100 shares...Read More

Money Morning Mailbag: When Investing in Precious Metals, 'Physical Metal' Isn't Always Better

October 21, 2010 / Jack Barnes

If there's one thing that I've discovered in my careers as ahedge-fund manager, investment advisor and financial columnist, it's this:Whenever you pitch a stock that has something to do with mining or metals,you'll always hear the argument that "physical metal is better."As my experience has demonstrated, however, that's notnecessarily true.Wealth protection in hard economic times is driven by ass...Read More

Could the Government Seize Your Gold? Rules to Consider, Steps to Take

October 20, 2010 / Don Miller

William Patalon IIIWhenever I write about gold, I can be certain of two things. First and foremost, I know that readership will beexceptionally high. The interest in gold, silver and other precious metals is as intense as I've ever seen.And, second, I can be sure that, in the days thatfollow, I'll receive a slew of e-mails, phone calls and letters from folksasking some variation of the same three...Read More

Debates on Inflation & Gold Prices

October 19th, 2010 / Jason Hommel

Through debate, we all get the chance to see more clearly, and understand better who is right, and what the truth may actually be. 1 Corinthians 11:19 For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.Proverbs 9:8 Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.A critic responds to my latest article:Today: Lo...Read More

Buy, Sell or Hold: A Rebound is Sprouting for Monsanto Co. (NYSE: MON)

October 18, 2010 / Jack Barnes

The explosive move up in prices among most crops futuresover the past several months has been nothing short of spectacular.The market today is reminiscent of the 1970swith a weak U.S. dollar is playing havoc with world exports. Indeed, the drop in the dollar's value has investors andspeculators seeking physical commodities to park their funds in. This hascaused the prices to expand in the grains...Read More

Federal Reserve Policy Pushes the Dollar Ever Closer to Collapse

October 15, 2010 / Peter D. Schiff

Much of the content of the latest U.S.Federal Reserve statement, released on Sept. 21, echoes the central bank'sprevious post-credit-crunch pronouncements: There is still too much slack inthe economy, interest rates are still going to be near-zero for an"extended period," and the Fed will continue to use paymentsfrom its Treasury purchases to buy yet more Treasuries. But this recent statement uses...Read More

Despite Record Gold Prices, Your Holdings May be Worth Less Than You Think

October 14, 2010 / Keith Fitz-Gerald

Keith Fitz-GeraldRecordgold prices are becoming an almost-daily headline, with the "yellow metal"making a run at $1,400 an ounce. And while this is great for the investorswho are along for the ride, there is an important caveat - your gold may not beworth as much as you think it is.Moreover, because of the tax consequences of ownership,chances are it'll never add up to what those guys hawking gold...Read More

Silver....breakout of rising channel

Oct 13, 2010 / Chris Kimble

Harvested Silver (discussed in the chart below), with "Pocket Change" gains in excess of 20%. (see post here) At the bottom of that post the game plan was... "If Silver breaks resistance, we go back after it!" Updated Silver chart below.The Fibonacci 50% level is discussed in this post (see post here), which reflects that Silver needs to reach $26, to test the next 30-year resistance price. Th...Read More