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SWOT Analysis: Klondex Continues to Find Opportunity

Monday, 26 June2017 / frank holmes

By Frank HolmesStrengthsThe best performing precious metal for the week was gold, up 0.25 percent. In the weekly survey of gold traders, Bloomberg reports the majority are bullish, for the first time in three weeks. The gold price has recovered from a one-month low.Bloomberg reports rising gold imports in many of the key markets. Swiss gold exports rose 39 percent month-over-month in May, with an...Read More

Louisiana Ends Sales Tax on Gold And Silver Bullion

Monday, 26 June2017 / Staff reporter

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Signs House Bill 396 to Remove Sales Tax from Certain Precious Metals Baton Rouge, Louisiana -- Sound money advocates rejoiced as Governor John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 396 into law in recent days. HB 396, which passed in the Louisiana state house and senate earlier this month by overwhelming majorities, removes state sales taxation of precious metals, s...Read More

Is the Stock Market Making a Major Top?

Monday, 26 June2017 / graham summers

By Graham Summers The market has been sending topping signals for weeks now. They include: 1) Fewer and fewer companies participating in the rally.2) High yield credit, which leads stocks, rolling over.3) Weakening momentum.4) Dwindling volume.5) Market leaders (the big 5 Tech) beginning to correct. Now the big move is coming. The S&P 500 is completing a massive bearish rising wedg...Read More

Bonds and Related Indicators

Monday, 26 June2017 / gary tanashian

By Gary TanashianExcerpted from the June 25 edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, which also included comprehensive analysis of US and global stock markets, commodities, precious metals and stock charts galore (with the Market Internals segment, in particular, having evolved into what I find to be a must-have guide).TLT is now a buck from its target of 129. Tell me, where is all that mania about...Read More

Gold And Gold Stocks Nearing a Big Move

Monday, 26 June2017 / jordan roy-byrne cmt, mfta

By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTAGold and especially gold mining stocks rebounded on Wednesday and trended higher into the weekend. This is giving some investors renewed hopes that the bull market that began roughly 18 months ago is about to reassert itself. We cannot know for sure yet but what we can say is precious metals are nearing a big move. Gold and gold stocks have traded in tight ranges whic...Read More

Did You Fall for the Banksters Trap...Again?

Monday, 26 June2017 / gary savage

By Gary SavageThis video discusses the various tricks banksters have been using on retail gold traders during the past couple of months. Read More

What Is the Gold Fundamental?

Monday, 26 June2017 / keith weiner

By Keith Weiner Steve Saville wrote a post this week, in which he proposed a model that indicates the fundamentals of gold. According to him, these are: (1) the real interest rate, (2) the yield curve, (3) credit spreads, (4) the relative strength of the banking sector, (5) the US dollar's exchange rate, (6) commodity prices, and (7) the bond/dollar ratio. We consider him a friend, and certainly...Read More

Central Banks Buying Stocks Have Rigged US Stock Market Beyond Recovery

Monday, 26 June2017 / david haggith

By David HaggithCentral banks buying stocks are effectively nationalizing US corporations just to maintain the illusion that their recovery plan is working because they have become the banks that are too big to fail. At first, their novel entry into the stock market was only intended to rescue imperiled corporations, such as General Motors during the first plunge into the Great Recession, but rec...Read More

Gold and Silver Market Morning: June 26 2017 - Gold knocked back to $1,240 early after London's opening!

Monday, 26 June2017 / Staff reporter

Gold Today New York closed at $1,255.90 Friday after closing at $1,249.40 Thursday. London opened at $1,245.00 today. Overall the dollar was slightly weaker against global currencies, early today. Before London's opening: - The $: was weaker at $1.1199 after Friday's $1.1145: 1.- The Dollar index was weaker at 97.25 after Friday's 97.36. - The Yen was weaker at 111.49 a...Read More

Worst Crash In Our Lifetime Coming Jim Rogers

Monday, 26 June2017 / Staff reporter

Legendary investor Jim Rogers sat down with Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget on this week's episode of The Bottom Line.Rogers predicts a market crash later this year or next . write it down. Rogers say the crash will rival anything he has seen in his lifetime.Jim Rogers holds a gold coin (Digital Journal)Here is a transcript of the Business Insider video:Blodget: One of the things I've always a...Read More

Asian Metals Market Update: June-26-2017

Monday, 26 June2017 / Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

Factors which can affect markets Trump's trumpet is over now. Trump is different from the previous American presidents as he tries to lure more and more companies to create jobs. He being a billionaire is trying to rectify America's balance sheet. But the American politicians are trying their best to start an impeachment proceeding against him as they do no...Read More

Peter Boockvar: Trump Will Perpetuate This Bubble for Political Reasons

26/6/2017 / Jonathan Roth

"What he [Trump] should do is get the recession over as quickly as possible."Peter Boockvar is the Chief Market Analyst with The Lindsey Group, a macro economic and market research firm founded by Larry Lindsey. He is also the Co-Chief Investment Officer for Bookmark Advisors, an asset management firm and a member of Advisory Services Network, LLC. Prior to joining The Lindsey Group, Peter spent a...Read More

DNC service hacked by some random teenager, not Russia - John McAfee

26/6/2017 / RT

CIA chief Mike Pompeo claims Russian meddling in the US presidential elections was part of a decades-long effort to "undermine American democracy." RT got expert opinion on the allegations against Russia from John McAfee.Read More

John Rubino - Supreme Trump

26/6/2017 / Kerry Lutz

Rumors are flying about the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. After all, he's 80 years old and enough is enough. He's been the swing vote on the Court for nearly 2 decades. Time to enjoy the family and his lavish government pension. Next, will be the retirement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Can't come soon enough. Then it will be a decidedly conservative court with a 6-3 composition. But will it ma...Read More

Bix Weir: Silver's "Flash Crash" Signals A Bottom?

26/6/2017 / Bix Weir

In the mid-1960's a young economist named Alan Greenspan created the ever "electronic asset" using a computer programming language called BASIC invented by his childhood friend John Kemeny. Working closely with the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury and the US Military Greenspan was setup to rig and control capital markets for close to 50 years ensuring that all the benefits of "free money" wer...Read More

The Coming Battery Bonanza

26/06/2017 / James Dines of The Dines Letter for Streetwise Reports

James Dines, author of The Dines Letter, discusses the importance of graphite in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries andhighlights one graphite company he expects to have an edge. Lithium Batteries for Autos and Home StorageSomeday, as sneaky years whisper past, batteries will be seen to have been a crucial wave of the investing future. Uses for lithium ion batteries (LIB) are expanding and...Read More

Myopic Metals and Miner Miasma

26/06/2017 / Michael J. Ballanger for The Gold Report

"Generally accepted narrative" can get in the way of making investment decisions, says precious metals expert Michael Ballanger. In recent day and weeks, I have slowly moved to the starboard side of the "Vessel of Public Opinion" where most seasoned veterans (aka "old guys") usually wind up; that is to say that I am now officially "cynical" when it comes to the world of investing. Residing in cy...Read More

Thank You, GDXJ: Ultimate Rebalance Victim Trade

26/06/2017 / Lior Gantz for The Gold Report

Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group, discusses the GDXJ rebalance and its significance for one company. The research for this moment started well before last week. It goes back to May 3, when I obtained the estimated number of shares to be liquidated by the GDXJ ETF (VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF) on a per-company basis by June 16.What this scramble for junior mining shares really...Read More

Cartier Resources Inc.

26/06/2017 / Staff reporter

Price DataSymbolDatePriceChange52 Wk RangeVolumeCVE:ECR06/26/2017CAD0.3200.0050.380 - 0.100186,187OTCMKTS:ECRFF06/26/2017USD0.24500.00700.2600 - 0.09003,393Alert me when stock is updatedQuick LinksLogin to accessDescriptionCartier Resources Inc. are a junior, project generator looking for gold withexploration properties in Canada. They have a market capitalisation of ~C$41.53M which is a fall of r...Read More

Terraco Gold Corp

26/06/2017 / Staff reporter

Price DataSymbolDatePriceChange52 Wk RangeVolumeCVE:TEN06/26/2017CAD0.1000.0000.190 - 0.09094,304OTCMKTS:TCEGF06/26/2017USD0.0730-0.00400.1400 - 0.070041,847Alert me when stock is updatedQuick LinksLogin to accessDescriptionTerraco Gold Corp are a junior, project generator looking for gold with five exploration properties in USA. They have a market capitalisation of ~C$12.3M which hasn't changed o...Read More