Vanguard's 13 Most Powerful Funds

By Investor Place Media Sponsored / November 08, 2018 / / Article Link

Investor_ClimbIgnoring select Vanguard funds can help investors make 226% more than the average Vanguard investor.

With more than 180 funds to choose from, most every Vanguard investor needs advice on which funds are best for them to own. Trouble is...

Vanguard tells investors to buy funds no one should own, while hiding some of their strongest funds.

Wealthy investors are some of the most demanding people out there - because they want to be much, much wealthier. They abhor risk. They demand safety and performance.

And often their demands are exceeded by using Vanguard's most powerful funds...

These 13 funds are for everyone... investors building wealth... investors seeking income... investors who want both growth and income. That's how powerful these 13 are!

Hold just a few of these 13 funds in the proper mix and it's possible to triple normal Vanguard profits.

Which few? Well, that depends on investment style and financial goals, as this free report, Vanguard's 13 Most Powerful Funds, makes clear.

It's a documented fact: Vanguard investors following this advice make 226% greater profits than the average Vanguard investor.

People following this advice on a regular basis are regular folks, except when it comes to investing with Vanguard. On that note, they are anything but average - they are three times as rich as regular Vanguard investors.

Make this year the most profitable year ever with Vanguard.

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