Palladium: Tremendous Upside Potential | Rick Rule

By rick rule / February 02, 2019 / / Article Link

https://sdbullion.com recent hit an all time high. Rick Rule joins Silver Doctors to discuss how palladium has amazing upside potential still, and how a supply disruption could trigger a massive move higher. He also discusses possible downside potential.Rule first discusses the gold mining sector. The recent Barrick/Randgold merger created the largest gold mining company in the world. Also, Rule discusses the recent Newmont/Goldcorp merger. He says mergers often result in positive consequences such as eliminating duplicate overhead, lowering cost of capital, and allocating capital more optimally.Precious metals have been on the rise. He says the price of gold is often inversely related to the strength of the U.S. Dollar. The recent rise of gold is a consequence of the lack of strength in the U.S. Dollar, he deduces. Furthermore, he says if the Fed stops rising rates or maybe even cutting them, gold could rise significantly.