ISG Focus Paper Explores 'Irrational Digital Exuberance'

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STAMFORD, Conn., July 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A new ISG Focus Paper published by Information Services Group (ISG) (NASDAQ: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, explores the "irrational exuberance" behind digital transformation and how companies can take a more "pragmatically optimistic" approach to transforming their operations through digital technologies.

The ISG paper, "Irrational Digital Exuberance: Getting Real About Digital Transformation and Getting It Right," features an extended conversation between ISG digital and operational experts who discuss the need to step back, understand the business problems that need to be solved, develop a strategy with a view to a future operating state, and select the technologies that support the desired outcomes.

"Exuberance drives markets. It's an essential element of change," the paper notes. "It's what fosters creative risk-taking. But - and there's always a 'but' - it often goes too far. Bandwagons roll too fast, too many people try to jump on them and the inevitable crash happens."

The paper notes that digital transformation is currently in the "hype phase," driven by people who sell digital tools. This is creating irrational exuberance among enterprise buyers who fear being left behind or "Uberized" by a digital start-up if they are not employing the latest digital technology to transform their businesses.

ISG experts say such "digital anxiety" impacts strategic vision and decision-making. Instead of thinking in "big leaps," ISG counsels its clients to focus on one or two key areas of their business where digital can have an impact, and avoid thinking of digital transformation as an all-or-nothing concept. Incremental improvement at a sensible and steady pace within the context of an overall digital vision and roadmap is often the best way to go.

Preaching "pragmatic optimism" in a time of "digital euphoria," the ISG paper concludes, "Don't stress - you have time to be digital."

To download a copy of the ISG Focus Paper, "Irrational Digital Exuberance," click here.

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